The purpose of the megaserwis platform is to support local governments in the preparation of health policy programs. Program projects must be submitted for an opinion to the Agency for the Evaluation of Medical Technology and Tariffs since 2009. The draft health program should include such elements as the purpose of the health program, description of the target group and ways of reaching it, the plan and schedule of individual activities, the period of their implementation, methods of monitoring and evaluating the program, cost estimate. Good preparation of the program should be preceded by an analysis of the health situation in a given local community and selection of health problems that are the biggest problem. There should also be known and proven ways to combat a given health problem that is planned to be applied in the program.
Health programs can be focused on combating and preventing various types of diseases. The type and subject matter of the program undoubtedly depends on the target group. We will plan other activities by preparing a program for children, others for the elderly. Otherwise, we will also plan a program for women, different for men. Differences may result not only from age or gender, but also from socio-economic status, eg homeless people or individual occupational groups. If we know the specifics and needs of the target group well, it will be easier for us to encourage them to take part in the program and plan actions that will achieve the desired effect. A well-prepared health policy program should also take into account cultural conditions. For this reason, activities carried out at the local level, taking into account the culture of a given community or region, are the most desirable. The implementation of programs by municipalities or poviats also enables a very interesting exchange of experiences between individual territorial self-government units, thanks to which implemented health programs can become more effective.
Persons from various fields should be involved in activities under the health program. In addition to public health specialists and other people involved in health care, it is worth taking into account people representing the local community, people with experience in advertising and marketing, media or clergy. In the eyes of the community, this makes health programs more credible and encourages more people to participate.