Asthma, allergy, sinusitis is the plague of our time. According to the research of prof. Bolesław Samoliński, 40% of Poles have allergy symptoms, moreover, they are often confused with colds. Untreated allergy leads to asthma – as research shows 67% of asthmatics do not know about their disease. These diseases are able to effectively annoy life. We are still looking for ways to get rid of annoying symptoms. A persistent runny nose, a headache.

What is the cause of the problems?

We can fight the symptoms in different ways, but if we do not remove the cause, the symptoms will come back sooner or later. How many of us dream of finally waking up in the morning and simply enjoying life without a persistent runny nose, headache or other tiring symptoms. Certainly many of us would be able to pay a lot to get rid of the ailments.

There is no more effective way than acting directly on the site of the disease.

Why do intravenous injections work so fast? Because in a lightning time the drug is distributed in our bloodstream. The same applies to inhalation. Breathing aerosol particles reach the surface of the mucous membrane of the airways in a few seconds, where they immediately begin their healing action. The body knows the substance sodium chloride very well because it naturally occurs in the body, so there is no side effect here.

Clinical trials do not lie. Halotherapy in the form of inhalation with dry salt aerosol effectively treats and prevents diseases afflicting contemporary society. CHECK EFFECTS

Easily ease the suffering of those who suffer.

The mission of self-government authorities is to provide residents with a high standard of living in a safe and healthy environment. The implementation of health programs is the best way to involve a wide range of residents. A small cost can easily improve the quality of life of our charges.