The design of the health program must take into account the problems and possibilities of their solution and be precisely tailored to the needs of society. Based on the data provided by the local government, our public health experts build initial design assumptions. Then, as part of consultations with various institutions located in the commune, a preliminary project is under construction, which is subject to consultation.

The final shape of the health program must take into account the needs of the society and the possibilities of self-government to optimally raise the level of public health to the highest possible level.

A properly balanced program is able to cover 100% of the population and bring tangible health and financial benefits. Prevention is always the cheapest form of health care.

the program includes various forms of therapy, health education, the majority in the spirit of spa treatment.

The effects of such activities are permanent and positively affect the health awareness of society.

Our experts gain their experience in NIZP institutes where systems of health care organizations are created. Degrees and academic titles confirm their professionalism and commitment to the mission of improving the health of the society