In Poland, as in most industrialized countries, respiratory diseases are one of the most important health problems with an upward trend.

Particularly noteworthy is the so-called 21st century disease, or allergy, as well as inherently associated asthma.

A study by the Medical University of Warsaw has shown that in Poland, 14 million people have allergy characteristics, while about 9 million have allergic rhinitis. Untreated allergy leads to asthma, the symptoms of which have been felt by over 5.5 million Poles in their lives.

According to prof. Bolesław Samoliński from the Medical University of Warsaw “If you look at diseases in the population, then up to the age of 30 there is no disease that would even half as frequent as allergy. Children, adolescents, young adults – the most active part of life is limited, some are even seriously affected by this chronic illness. “

It was estimated that in 2010 respiratory diseases accounted for 7.5% of general expenses due to incapacity for work and were among the six groups of diseases causing 71.7% of these expenses.

Diseases of the respiratory system have become the scourge of our time. The spread of allergies and asthma reaches unimaginable numbers. Children are the most exposed because their immune system has not been fully formed yet, hence they can not defend themselves against health threats. Diseases initiated in childhood will have a huge impact on health in adulthood. Chronic diseases significantly impair the quality of life, therefore, every effort should be made to protect children from ill health in childhood and to develop appropriate health habits. The development of appropriate health habits is the leading task of health promotion. Health programs and health policy programs aimed at prevention of respiratory diseases due to their huge prevalence should be one of the main programs implemented by local governments. Preventive measures should include strengthening natural defense mechanisms of the respiratory system, which will protect against the development of disease states. One of the treatments used in the treatment and prevention of respiratory diseases is halotherapy, or inhalation using a dry salt aerosol.