Criteria for the evaluation of health policy programs

Art. 48a

3. The [AOTMiT] agency shall prepare an opinion on the draft health policy program within 2 months from the date of receiving the project of this program on the basis of the criteria referred to in:

2) art. 31a paragraph 1 and art. 48 par. 4 – in the case of health policy programs developed by the local government unit.

Art. 31 a


1) the impact on improving citizens’ health, taking into account:
a) health priorities specified in the regulations issued on the basis of para. 2
(b) morbidity, morbidity or mortality rates determined on the basis of current medical knowledge;

Art. 48

4. Health policy programs developed, implemented, implemented and financed by local government units, in case they relate to guaranteed services covered by the programs referred to in paragraph 1, implemented by ministers and the Fund, must be coherent with them substantively and organisationally.

Act of 27 August 2004 on health care services financed from public funds