Scheme of the health program

The Agency for the Assessment of Medical Technology and Tariffs presented the formula to be followed when developing a health program:

Download the health program diagram

as well as guidelines for the developed scheme:

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According to the general recommendations of the Agency for Health Technology Assessment and Tariffs, the scheme of the health program:

This scheme corresponds to the ideal design of the health program, but its main purpose is to indicate the LOGICAL CONSTRUCTION of the health program, with attention to the internal connections of its individual elements

Presentation of the program’s project divided into main points 1-7 is obligatory

The subpages indicate what content should be included in each of the main points. It is recommended to develop the main points in sub-points according to the following scheme, which should be used adequately to the features of the planned program, carefully considering whether the issues described in them refer to a given project

All information should be given in a synthetic way; the project should only contain information directly related to the scope of the program (large volume of the project is not synonymous with its high quality); in the case of a developed project, it is recommended to put a brief summary at the beginning

A well-designed health program refers to specific, measured or estimated data based on available publications. Information, for example on the health problem, epidemiology or estimates of the effectiveness of the planned activities, should be cited with the bibliographic data to reach the quoted source (article, book, credible website, expert)