Support health programs

The mission of self-government authorities is to provide residents with a high standard of living in a safe and healthy environment. The role of local authorities is important here, because they are the ones who are most familiar with the needs of the residents, so they have the greatest impact on their health and life. The commune, being the smallest administrative unit, is closest to the residents, so it should meet their basic needs. The task of the commune authorities is to be interested in the life of the inhabitants and support them in solving problems.

The task of the platform is to support territorial self-governments in creating effective health programs that will contribute to improving the health situation in a given area. Responding to the needs of the local community is the key to a healthier society across the country.

Many factors affect the state of our health. Based on a report by the Minister of Health of Canada, Marc Lalonde p.t. “The New Perspectives on the Health of Canadians” from 1974 defined 4 factors affecting health: 1. lifestyle, 2. natural and social environment of life, work and study, 3. genetic factors, 4. health care activities. It was found that the biggest impact on health is the lifestyle (50%), then the living environment and genetic factors of 20%, while the health impact is the health organization (10%). This means that, although we would have the best organized health care, if we do not take care of our health through proper nutrition, physical activity or avoiding stimulants, we will not achieve good health. Of course, we can not downplay the genetic factors that we can not influence here, however, in this case our health choices regarding even compliance with medical recommendations, proper hygiene of life or proper rehabilitation are not without significance.

Education of appropriate attitudes towards health is the leading task of health promotion, and its main tool is health education. Keeping education about a healthy lifestyle from an early age has a significant impact on health habits in adulthood, as well as preventing the development of many diseases and, consequently, a better quality of life and healthy aging. Health education should be implemented not only by institutions closely related to health protection, but also by other places of our activity such as schools, work places, etc.